Creating Zoom Meetings

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Recommended Guidelines

Firstly, the group will need to set up a zoom account, preferably the account costing £11.99, called ‘Pro’. This will allow you to host meetings for up to 100 people with an unlimited length. 

Once you have an account, you’re able to schedule meetings according to when you wish to hold them.

This is completed by going to ‘Schedule a meeting’ 

You can input:

  • The name of your meeting
  • A description
  • When you want you meeting to run (if you schedule a meeting for a specific time the virtual room will open from that time, you don’t need to manually open the meeting for people to join.). 
    • There are also options to create reoccurring meetings to happen: at the same time each week; the same time daily or the same time monthly.
  • It would be our recommendation that you untick the ‘Registration’ option and ‘Require meeting password’ options.
  • There are other options which you may want to utilise, for example – ‘Mute all participants upon entry’ and ‘Enable join before host’. These will depend on your chosen format.
Once you’ve scheduled your meetings

Using your zoom log-in, you’ll be able to log into zoom online and enter your meeting at the time you set it to start. You can see your scheduled meetings by going to ‘My Account’ > ‘Meetings’ (on the left hand of the screen)

You’ll have a couple of options:

Once a meeting start time has passed, you’ll be able to ‘Join’ the meeting. If you’re on a computer or tablet you may be required to download the zoom software (this doesn’t take long at all). 

You’ll automatically join as the host if you’ve joined the meeting through the main account.

As host you have different options which help you structure the meeting:

  • You’re able to mute all participants and unmute all participants by clicking on the ‘Participants’ button and using the options at the bottom of the pop-up screen.
  • You’re also able to see how many people are on the meeting – also on ‘Participants’.
  • You can also see who has their virtual hand raised (see section on member information as to how to raise hands).
  • You can transfer hosting responsibilities to another member on the call – this is quite handy if you’re the person with the zoom details, but you want to hand the meeting control over to the secretary.
  • It would be our recommendation that groups mute all participants at the start of the meeting to remove any background noise and ensure everyone can hear the secretary / speaker. 

You are able to share the information with members by providing the meeting ID number – shown on the website under ‘Meetings’ – next to the meeting you’re hoping to share information for.

It’s also possible to share a link to the meeting:

  • Once you’re on the call there is an option at the bottom of the screen to ‘Invite’ > ‘Copy invitation’. This will copy a message which you can then post into your WhatsApp group chat or however you wish to share the link. 
  • If you wish to share the link without joining the meeting – right click on the ‘Topic’ on the ‘Meeting’ page and click the option – ‘Share the invitation’.
More Information

Please note more information can be found on the Meeting Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

A note about sharing

Please be mindful when sharing that we share in a general way as suggested by the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous.


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The Serenity Prayer

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